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What do punk rockers and senior citizens have in common? As Washington D.C. rapidly gentrifies, a low income African American community is threatened. This documentary takes a look at the struggles of living in a city in the midst of change, and the unique relationships that can develop. Mark Anderson- a writer , activist and punk rocker, created ‘We are Family’ to provide an outreach network to a group of inner city senior citizens. Through an existing group of punk rockers and fellow activists, he used similar diy and punk rock ethics, to bring the two together. Providing grocery deliveries, advocacy about the neighborhood and visiting, We are Family provides a unique model for changing the way we look at old age. Very punk rock.


Film shows at Festivals across country

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Green Hair, Grey Hair accepted into the Carolina Film and Video Festival, DIY Film Festival, Reel Women Film Festival and the D.C. Independent Film Festival. Filmmakers Katrina Taylor and Rachell Williams anticipate the possibility of several more, and appreciate all the support this far.

Films have already shown at these festivals, but are being sold individually and for institutions. The majority of the profits are being donated to We are Family.

To purchase or donate please contact